Code Sponsor joins Gitcoin

16 January 2018

In December, the Code Sponsor platform was forced into a pivot due to compliance issues with GitHub. Since then, my great friends Freddy Shelton and Mike Smith with Rollbar have kept the flame alive through direct sponsorships. I spent the month thinking about how to best continue the Code Sponsor mission.

Finding solutions to help sustain open source has become a passion of mine. Code Sponsor itself has helped generate over $10,000 in revenue for developers through the platform.

Thanks to a tweet last year by Tomás Aparicio, I had the great pleasure to discover Gitcoin. During the exact moment I saw his tweet, I was contemplating how to manage payments to over eight different countries. Cryptocurrency seemed an obvious choice. That day marked the beginning of a four-month courtship between Kevin Owocki, CEO of Gitcoin, and myself.

I’m extremely excited to announce that Code Sponsor has joined the Gitcoin + Bounties Network family. This change allows me to work on Code Sponsor full-time and continue to find and provide ways to sustain open source.

Simultaneously, I will venture into the world of blockchain as an employee of ConsenSys, a leading company in the space and lead investor in Gitcoin. The company has fully embraced decentralization, where spokes (like Gitcoin) are autonomous, yet supported by the ConsenSys Mesh.

I look forward to serving the developer community and bringing the blockchain technology into OSS funding!